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“A Landlord’s Rights & Obligations in Ontario, 2011”

March 15th, Ottawa

April 5th, Burlington

April 7th, Toronto

April 12th, Barrie

April 14th, Peterborough

April 16th, London

Katherine Paliwoda, tells everything you need to know, and then some in her latest seminar.  “A Landlord’s Rights & Obligations in Ontario, 2011″ will give you the leading edge information that you need to properly and safely represent your client, or rent out your property.

Katherine is a “first class” facilitator who is far from new to the real estate industry. Participants in her live events find themselves spellbound and hanging on her every word.  With 27 years of experience, Katherine Paliwoda comes highly recommended by The Ontario Landlord Association, and by virtually every student she has taught.

In this 6 hour course; “A Landlord’s Rights & Obligations in Ontario, 2011″, you’ll learn about the critical things you must do, and things that you definitely shouldn’t do when purchasing, renting, and managing a residential rental property in Ontario.

Do you want to protect yourself from issues that are likely to happen when you purchase, sell, or rent your property? Katherine will break it all down for you in understandable bite sized chunks.  You’ll be lead through several potential scenarios and given solutions that can only be acquired through several years of studying Ontario rental law.

If you’re a real estate investor, seasoned or novice, a real estate agent in Ontario who wants to properly protect your investor clients, or you’re a landlord in Ontario, this full day seminar was designed for you.

  • You will leave with a clear understanding of your rights and obligations as a landlord, which will help you to avoid unnecessary and costly legal issues that can be avoided.  You’ll understand the Residential Tenancies Act (RTA), and how it effects you as a landlord in Ontario.

This is a full day course jam packed with money saving information and tips for anyone who is a landlord in the Province of Ontario.

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