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Jack Layton, Suspected bawdy house, Olivia Chow, NDP Scandal…

What we are interested in is looking at Layton’s record on Housing Issues while on Toronto City Council.  As Sue-Ann Levy wrote in the Toronto Sun:

“I will never forget that day in the fall of 1998 when — as 450 of his homeless friends and assorted poverty pimps packed the council chambers — he convinced councillors to declare homelessness a “national disaster” in Toronto along the lines of an ice storm or tsunami.

But Layton achieved what he intended. He promoted himself as the council point person on homelessness and manipulated then mayor Mel Lastman into pouring millions and millions of dollars into emergency homeless shelters, grants and what I called not-so-affordable housing.

His homeless schemes didn’t stop there.

In June of 2000, he tried to convince councillors the city should erect “creative” emergency shelters — trailers, tents and mobile homes — to allow the homeless to live in downtown parks all summer.

Less than a year later, he did manage to persuade a majority of councillors to proceed with proposals for pre-fab housing (at $50,000 to $100,000 per home) to accommodate the squatters living in Tent City on a waterfront piece of property. Those squatters were finally evicted a few months later, much to Layton’s chagrin.”

If Mr. Layton wants to be Prime Minister, we expect him to make his stand on Housing Issues clear.

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