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Calgary Housing Program Offers Cheap Housing In Return for Helping Landlords

Monday, September 17th, 2012
September 16th, 2012

Landlords and Tenants and a Win-Win Situation!

What is the Housing Program About?

A Calgary program focusing on home shares is taking a new approach to low vacancy rates and higher rent prices to help both Calgary landlords and Calgary tenants.

Sounds Good!

The program is attempting to connect Seniors with university students to fill rooms that are still vacant in return for these students offering the Seniors support.

What Type of Support?

Here’s how it works.  The Calgary program helps students in Calgary find inexpensive housing in exchange for helping the homeowner, usually a Senior, do daily house work.

Can You Provide Me with Real Life Examples of the Program?

Recently widowed, landlord Vivian Toews sometimes requires a bit of help doing gardening and household cleaning.

Meanwhile, University of Calgary student Rebecca Enter was looking for an inexpensive place to rent while she studies.

What Happened?

The Calgary Home Share program saw they could be a perfect match!

The program brought them together.

What Does the Landlord Say?

The landlord Vivian Toews praises the heavy jobs her tenant does for her.  Toews also praise Rebecca’s great attitude … even when Toews admits she gets a bit bossy.

And the Tenant?

Tenant Enter says her chores are like what she is used to doing at home, like cutting the lawn.  She always appreciates the fact she is helping out a senior.

This is just another example of how small business landlords are really an important part of our economy.  Of course, the media rarely reacts when a small business landlord helps renters out.

What Is the Lease Agreement?

Toews and Enter signed a lease which states there will be no partying and no guests staying overnight.

It’s an agreement which includes no overnight guests and no partying.

The tenants’ rent is only $300 monthly.

Is This Program Expanding?

Yes.  The program is a success and is now including adult tenants. It’s yet another example of how Calgary landlords are helping tenants.

How Many Senior Landlords Are Now Involved?

There are now over seventy senior landlords who have been matched with tenants.

There are also over fifty seniors on the waiting list for renters!

What Type of Tenant Screening is Done?

Background checks are done on all applicants.

For more information on the program, visit the Calgary Seniors’ Resource Society website.  It’s a terrific resource for Calgary Landlords to meet helpful and qualified tenants.

It’s also great to see the government looking after the needs of both Calgary landlords and Calgary tenants instead of what is happening in Ontario where Ontario landlords are being punished when they try to create affordable housing.

Alberta: a great place to invest and live in!