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OLA Meets with the Ontario Conservatives! Your Voice Heard!


On Wednesday, March 23, 2011 three senior members of the Ontario Landlords Association met with MPP and Progressive Conservative Housing Critic Joyce Savoline.

It was a very helpful and productive meeting. The OLA team went over our 22 page presentation on needed changes to the Residential Tenancy Act and the Landlord Tenant Board.

The actual time spent with MPP Savoline turned out to be more than double what was formally scheduled!

Our “Top Ten” official concerns were as follows:

1. The filing fee should be the same for landlords and tenants alike for an LTB hearing.
2. We want the return of damage deposits!

3. We want “no pets” in a lease to mean “no pets”! No opting out! Same with extra tenants moving in after lease is signed!

4. The new suite metering rules should be amended because it’s not currently possible to provide past tenant’s utility info!

5. The ORHC guidelines for tenant selection and accommodation are completely unfair!

6. Small landlords NEED the 9 regional LTB offices that closed in 2008 to re-open!

7. We are concerned about the extreme number of OW and ODSP tenants scamming us! And walking away!

8. If a tenant can take a LL to the LTB after the tenancy ends, give the LL the same opportunity!

9. There is no “Freedom of Information” at the LTB – We cannot search a prospective tenant’s history at the Board

10. Prior evictions are not admissible in current eviction proceedings!

We celebrate the fact that the voices of the average small landlord were heard! The meeting was very useful and MPP Savoline was very supportive and understanding!

It is clear that this generation of Ontario PCs support small business property investors!

The current Liberal government has the power to make changes to help small business landlords. They are aware of the problems and simply refuse to make changes to the existing unfair laws and will not make changes to a highly inefficient LTB. It has become very clear the only way there will be change is if the Conservatives under the leadership of Tim Hudak win the provincial election in October. Vote conservative in October and small landlords can look towards a more balanced and fair rental system!

Despite opposition from some tenant activists, unruly tenants, people with devious motives, people with self-serving interests, etc…..we will continue to work hard for you.

Our ultimate goal and Mission Statement is to make change for the better for all small business landlords in Ontario!

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