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Landlord Helps New Calgary Couple Living Without Belongings

August 1st, 2012


Moving Company Screws Up, Landlords Step Up!

What Happened to Their Belongings?

Dan Marchand and Margaret Beresztan packed up and left Ontario for a better life in Calgary.

Unfortunately their movers didn’t send all their personal belongings to Alberta.  They sent them to British Columbia!

How Long Have They Been Without Their Belongings?

It’s now been several weeks since their movers made the big mistake.

Terrible, How are They Coping?

Dan and Margaret are hanging in there!  They are using plastic spoons, forks and knives from a dollar store.  They also have some folding chairs and pots you would normally use for camping to help them get by.

When is this Going to be Fixed?

Margaret says shes facing a confusing and frustrating situation.  Every time she calls the moving company she receives a different story.

What’s Does the Moving Company Say?

The moving company has tried to explain it away.  They say the couple’s belongings was loaded on to a truck headed for  a warehouse in British Columbia.  To add more pain to this story, the moving company’s manager ways he doesn’t have any trucks to move their belongings to Calgary!

Why Is That?

The moving company manager says it’s because it is “high season” and all the company trucks are full.

Sounds like a Big Load of B.S. to Me…

Fortunately, the couples landlords have helped out.

How Have They Helped?

Meresztan said her they didn’t even have an mattresses….they were in British Columbia!  They were forced to sleep on air mattresses which soon broke.

Fortunately their landlords helped out and lent mattresses to these tenants.

Finally, Landlords Are Held in a Good Light!

The mainstream media likes to constantly demonize landlords.  This is just one example of how many great landlords are out there!

It’s time the media start reporting more stories of how many great landlords are out there!


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