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Tenants Speak Out: “It’s Time To Make Security Deposits Illegal in Alberta!”

Tuesday, February 11th, 2020

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Tenants Speak Out and Share Their Concerns and Opinions on the Rental Industry

As part of our “Let’s Improve the Alberta Rental Industry” we have invited landlords and tenants to share their opinions on how we can make these improvements. These opinions are from individual contributors and are not the opinions of the Alberta Landlords Association. We believe by fostering communication between landlords and tenants we can improve the Alberta rental industry. Landlords and tenants can share your thoughts and opinions by emailing us at

Tenants Speak Out: “It’s Time to Make Security Deposits Illegal in Alberta! Make Sure To Negotiate No Security Deposit!”

I’m very happy to have a way to express my opinions as a Tenant in Alberta.  I’m a Tenant in Alberta. I moved here about five years ago to find a good job and lay down roots here. It’s been okay.

I dislike the total lack of respect for the environment, total lack of animal rights, and a feeling that women are second class citizens. But overall my job is pretty good and the taxes are low. The biggest problem has been dealing with so many rotten landlords who think they are “so much better than us” and use the system to rip us off.

As a Tenant in Alberta there really has been no where to turn. The media are all bought and paid for by the big oil companies. Our so-called elected representatives have made it clear they don’t care about Alberta Tenants. 

I was told it’s because we are often “transient”. Yeah, that’s because we are looking for jobs and have workers have no security here.

We are told we don’t vote so one listens. Yeah, like we have any real choices and anyone to vote for.

I’ve heard that we should organize but we are too busy trying to pay the ridiculous rents here to have time to do anything else but eat, work, sleep and hope the landlord will actually fix things in the rental apartment we are paying for.

Since moving to Alberta one of the worst things about my life is renting. The landlords all feel they are ‘better’ than renters because they have a house and we have to rent. Well, landlords should realize we are the ones paying your mortgage.

But really the worst thing is the archaic and predatory way landlords charge damage deposits. It’s bizarre how landlords can get away with the things they do regarding damage deposits here.  This needs to change and I hope enough people read this to start the process of making damage deposits illegal in Alberta.

Landlord Damage Deposit Demands are Insane

If you are new here the fact landlords demand so much money up front is shocking. If you dare consider yourself privilaged to actually own a pet the landlords will use this to up the demands. Are we dealing with landlords or with the mafia…or are they one and the same here?

Tenants Don’t Have So Much Money Up Front

Landlords get what economists call “passive income.” Probably most here, especially the lesser educated landlords, won’t understand this but “passive income” is what highly educated economists say when they mean people who collect money but don’t even actually have to work to get it.

Highly educated economists say tenants have to rely on our own labour power. This means we have to sweat it out to make money unlike landlords who can sit back, do nothing, and the money still rolls in. Because we have to work hard to save, tenants don’t have huge bank accounts like landlords do so paying these huge deposits is very tough for us. 

Paying Big Deposits Means Less to Spend on Our Families, Educations, and Survival

Because hard working tenants have to give so much of our money to the landlords it means we have less money to spend on our families. It’s not easy to buy clothes and high quality fresh foods when so much of your pay check goes to the landlord and they have so much of your money up front.

It makes it harder for us to pay tuition so we can do new training for better jobs. It makes it difficult is any unexpected emergencies happen like if our pets need to see the vet or we need to buy new winter boots and coats to keep your children warm.

In What Other Business Do Owners Get To Collect So Much Money?

Only here do tenants have to pay so much up front just for the right to pay a huge portion of our monthly salary to a landlord who just sits back and collects it.

If you go to the supermarket to buy your kids groceries for their survival the grocery store doesn’t demand you pay thousands of dollars just for the right to buy fruits, vegetables, kraft dinners, and milk.

Landlords Our Pets As A Weapon To Demand More Money

How many times have I been told to pay thousands of dollars more because I have dogs and cats. If I told them I had pets, I could see the cash registers in their little minds ching-ching-chinging. It’s ridiculous!

How many tenants who can’t pay landlords these thousands of dollars have had to make the nightmare choice of giving up their pets just to be able to have a home to live in? For many of us it’s a choice of our pets or putting our children on the street.

Many Landlords Never Pay Back the Deposit

If all of this isn’t bad enough, the reality to be explained to you know is enough to demand we end the collection of damage deposits in Alberta now!

Many tenants move out and the property is in perfect condition but the seedy landlords don’t pay us the money back! Some will just ignore us and others will make stuff up about so-called “damages” or “stains” or other stuff that is just normal wear and tear.

Let’s Make Damage Deposits Illegal in Alberta 

There is no need for landlords to collect a damage deposit at all. Tenants already pay our rent and if we don’t pay the landlords can evict tenants.

Let’s make it illegal for landlords to collect a damage deposit and if they demand one we should be able to go to the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service to immediately get it back.

Landlords who break the new law should also have to pay a fine and also pay whatever they demanded before to the tenant in certified funds.

Just because you are renting doesn’t mean you should be able to be legally abused and exploited by people who look down on you.

Let’s change this now! 

This is only one of the injustices tenants here face. I will be sending more in and hope they actually get published and not just vanish to whitewash how tenants really feel here and the changes we need.

Alberta Landlord PROTECTION MEMBERSHIP Is Now Available!

Tuesday, March 5th, 2019

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With The Challenges Alberta Landlords Are Facing These Days We Have Created A New Level Of Membership

Become A Success Member And Get Tools and Services To Help You Succeed All For A One-Time Fee

Several recent posts in the Alberta Landlords Private Member Forum have shocked landlords and made it clear that we face major challenges these days.

Landlords are facing big problems from midnight move-outs to tenants smoking marijuana in our units to bias against landlords at the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service.

It wasn’t long ago that we had a low vacancy rate, huge net migration into our province and lots of great tenants to choose from. It also wasn’t that long ago the the Mayor of Calgary accused us of “gouging tenants” (and  ALA members had to explain we were only protecting our rental businesses at that time.)

Lease Breaking, Midnight Move-Outs And Big Damages Left Behind

In the Alberta Private Member Forum a Calgary landlord asked for help dealing with renter who gave the impression of being decent and reasonable when she moved in. 

A few months later rent wasn’t paid and the landlord eventually found she had moved out and broke the lease. Not only that, but the property was damaged and a mess that would cost at least $10,000 to repair and get back to tip-top shape for re-renting.

Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service Isn’t Fair and Protects Bad Renters.

Another landlord based in Edmonton wrote about his experience at the Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service (RTDRS). He thought it was fair and filed after his tenants didn’t pay rent and broke a fixed term lease.

He was very careful and it was clear the tenant broke the rules and the landlord expected justice. Instead he found the whole system was in favour of the tenant and they treated him like dirt.

In fact, we have had many landlords say the same thing: the RTDRS has changed and is not fair. One landlord called the RTDRS the “Bad Renter Protection Machine” and “Not a Fair System!”

Lots of Great Renters Out There, But We Need To Be Super Careful!

Landlords across the province know there are a lot of great renters out there. These are people who pay the rent on time and respect you and the rental property. They follow the rules and treat the rental like it’s their own home. When you rent to these types of tenants being a landlord is a nice and often profitable experience.

We also know that good economic times will come again so it’s vital we get through these more challenging times.


protection member large flashing

In these troubling times our ALA team put our heads together to find the best way we could help our Alberta landlord community. We’re all landlords too and we know what is needed and know we are all on a tight budget.

With all these new challenges our Alberta landlord team has come up with PROTECTION Membership to help landlords succeed. 

For only an affordable one-time registration fee (no yearly fee) Alberta landlords get access to a ton of amazing tools and services that can’t be beat!

Rental Kit Library

Get all the documents you need to succeed via your own online library you can access 24/7.

Access to the Forums, Including the Private Members Forum (for verified landlords only)

Network with experienced and successful Alberta landlords and property manager to you and your rental business succeed. Only verified landlords get access to our private members forum. This means you are networking and getting help from others who ‘have skin in the game’ like you do!

Discounted Credit Checks

Get huge discounts on credit checks. We have partnered with the industry leader RENT CHECK. Unlike some other credit check companies, RENT CHECK Equfaix credit checks will protect you from potential privacy rights and human rights complaints. With over 40 years in the industry RENT CHECK is the best credit check company for landlords. 

Tenant Friendly Credit Checks (With RISK SCORES from Transunion)

These are credit checks where the tenants don’t have to give you any of their personal information. Instead it all goes to TRITON who then provides it to you. It makes tenant applicants feel safe and it’s every easy to get them to pay for the credit check (and save you money!)

Criminal Checks

Times are changing and many experienced and successful Alberta landlords are making that ‘last criminal check’ on an applicant they want to rent to. And now as member you get a HUGE discount to make sure you ad your property are protected.


Get Access to one of the est rental insurance packages in Canada. Also covers student rentals. You also get a big discount as a member

Property Management Software

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Become a Landlord PROTECTION MEMBER and get the tools and services you need need to succeed! All for a low one-time fee that helps us cover our costs…that’s right ONE TIME FEE!

Alberta Landlords and Tenants Working Together For Success

Friday, October 6th, 2017

Alberta landlords Alberta Tenants Win Win Campaign

Alberta Landlords are Looking for Good Tenants. Alberta Tenants are Looking for Good Landlords and Nice Properties. Let’s Work Together and Communicate To Make a “Win Win” Situation for Everyone!

We keep reading about complicated and dramatic landlord and tenant issues in Alberta. But being a landlord or a tenant really should be simple shouldn’t it?

Let’s look at it this way. Someone invests in a product. They want to attract good clients so they make sure the product is high quality. On the other hand, there are clients out there looking for a high quality product. When they meet if they both have what the other wants, the transaction is made and both sides are happy.

This is the way it should be for Alberta rental properties. Landlords invest in a nice rental property and advertise it. Tenants are looking for a good rental, see it, and both sides meet. If both sides see what they want the landlord offers the rental unit to the tenant and they sign the lease. It sounds so simple right?

Unfortunately while it sounds simple, in reality it’s not always like that. The Alberta Residential Tenancy Dispute Resolution Service is busy and that is because there are landlords and tenants who are in conflict, fighting each other. We also see lots of bad stories in the news about problems between landlords and tenants.

In some cases it’s good tenants who are having problems with their landlord. We have had politicians accusing landlords of gouging good tenants when the vacancy rates were low and the economy was strong.

In many other cases it’s a good landlord getting ripped off and hurt by bad tenants. For example, this Calgary landlord is out tens of thousands of dollars because the system failed her when manipulated by tenants who were unethical and out to do no good.

Alberta Has A Lot of Good Landlords

Alberta has a lot of hard working people who want to invest in rental properties here. These are people who likely rented themselves at one point and want to invest in nice properties that they themselves would have wanted to live in. Landlords are people who are investing their hard earned money back into the province because they believe in a bright future here. Alberta landlords are important stake holders and play an important role in the success of our province.

Landlords and Tenants Need To Communicate With Each Other

Many of our landlords members think the best way landlords and tenants can create a “win win” situation is for us to communicate with each other.  Not at “hearings” or in the “media”, but with some frank and friendly talk between landlords and tenants.  Let’s get to know each other better and learn what both sides are looking for these days.

We know you are our future “customers” and we want to make sure we are the “best landlords” we can be and we have the “best rental rental properties we can have”. We want to be the best Alberta landlords you have ever had! Let’s work together to make this happen!

What Do Good Alberta Tenants Want? Let Us Know

Good Alberta landlords are always looking for good paying tenants. So we want to hear from all the tenants out there. We are asking you to “help us, so we can help you.”

1. What types of things are most important for you when choosing a rental?

2. Is there anything about a rental that would be a big turn off?

3. Is there anything particular that would lead you to choose a rental over another?

4. What are the ways you find potential places to rent?

5. How important is it for the rental ad to have pictures?

6. Is there anything particular that makes a rental ad stand out to you?

7. What are you looking for in a person who will be your potential landlord?

8. Is important for you to rent from an experienced landlord?

9. What types of questions do you have for landlords to show they are professional?

10. Is there anything you would do to improve the Alberta rental industry?

Tenants can write in to us at and let us know your answers to these questions or about anything else to improve the Alberta rental industry. We won’t edit or censor anything and are looking for your side of things.

Alberta Landlords and Tenants Working Together For Success

Both landlords and tenants play an important role in the success of our province. Let’s work together to make things better and improve the Alberta rental industry for years to come.